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ServiceMaster Services Janitorial in Mobile, AL (251) 344-5105, has as it's sister company, (under common ownership), the talented disaster restoration company, ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration. As the area's largest pure janitorial company, ServiceMaster Services brings to the table, the expertise in fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation, forensic cleanup, building air quality management, smoke and odor control and steam truck mounted carpet cleaning of ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration. We have written a number of articles on our various capabilities between the two companies. Here is one: Briefly, unlike any other janitorial company, there is no task under a roof that we do not do, and do well!

While many non-trained janitorial companies will attempt to remove standing water with wet vacs, they do not have training in Water Damage Restoration, Advanced Structural Drying, or Mold Remediation by an independent third-party nationally recognized certification company such as the IICRC. In other words, they have no training to certify that your facility is dry. Here is our company IICRC certificate for 2017 - we renew it every year.


When a customer has a water damage issue, the essence of what the mitigation company does, is dry the structure. In the simplest of terms, this is important to keep from having conditions that are conducive to mold growth. The manner in which we do this involves dehumidification, air movers and advanced structural drying techniques. We train and obtain certifications through the IICRC and other certification institutes to be able to say for certain that your structure is dry. The techniques involved are voluminous and should properly be the subject of another article. This article focuses on the very instrument that we use to determine a moisture free environment, the Dir-Eaz Aquant Moisture Meter.

Dri-Eaz Aquant Moisture Meter

The Dri-Eaz Aquant Moisture Meter (F523) will quickly and non-invasively assess relative moisture up to ¾ underneath and behind surface materials. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, this easy-to-read device utilizes pinless measurement technology to provide instant (and accurate) moisture-level readouts in a wide range of building materials. Survey plaster, drywall, concrete, masonry, and much more with ease! Whether you are investigating a leaky pipe under the house or evaluating moisture buildup in the attic, the F523's large, backlit display can be easily read no matter how dim the light level. Enjoy the many benefits of professional-grade equipment and allow the Dri-Eaz Aquant Moisture Meter to simplify your workflow.

We keep detailed logs and pictures throughout the job and we log these into our time stamped record keeping. Each day, as we dry the structure, the readings are captured and equipment is removed and repositioned as we move towards completion. One of the easiest ways for a customer to see that a drying company is NOT doing their job, is failure to remove equipment, and check the job thoroughly. Materials and areas dry at different rates, depending upon composition and the amount of moisture initially. It is folly to think that a company could enter your home or business, leave equipment for 3-5 days and never reduce the equipment count. In other words, suddenly, perhaps on the fifth day, everything is dry and all equipment is now removed. It simply doesn't work that way. More likely, is that a legitimate company will at first position say, eight air movers and two dehumidifiers on day one. By day four the equipment count should have been reduced significantly as some areas are now dry. Why does this matter? Typically, the jobs are billed by the amount of equipment PER DAY. 

How do you know that you are not being taken advantage of? Walk with the technician and ask to see his readings. While the training involved in how to properly dry a structure is extensive; getting a general idea of what is wet and what is not, is fairly simple. We use the above Dri-Eaz Aquant Moisture Meter among many other tools for said verification. 


The pictures below speak for themselves. These are OUR pictures of actual work done in the Mobile and Gulf Coastal areas. 

We handle some of Mobile's most well know entities. In janitorial, we specialize in Medical, Industrial and Offices. We clean schools, ships and airplanes as well! We have one of the largest staffs of cleaning personnel anywhere, and we use the most modern of equipment and procedures. We are locally owned and unlike so many of the postings on the internet, we actually live and work here in the Mobile area. We are not a fire and water damage restoration company, or janitorial company that has set up a virtual presence on the internet, hoping to subcontract to another outfit. We are real. We are here. We go to church and school here. We pay taxes here and we are part of the volunteer community here in Mobile. We enjoy an excellent reputation and we care about your facility. Our prices are fair and our service is excellent and consistent. We do not underbid in the effort to get our foot in the door and then raise our prices. We do not believe in poor service and then come in once a month to raise the cleaning standard; conversely we believe in keeping your facility in first-class condition ALL of the time! Call us today for a quote. No building is too small, and none certainly is too large. (251) 344-5105.